The Impact of Digital Technology on The Recruitment Industry

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  • On 12 December

Recruiting an ideal candidate against a suitable job opening is the biggest challenge any talent acquisition professional is known to face. There were days when a group of candidates called for the interview and the best one is chosen based upon the performance. However, the times have changed a lot, especially in the past decade, throwing a challenge to the recruiters regarding the recruitment of best, genuine and talented candidates from the industry.

Let us have a look at the some of the best practices observed by the contemporary recruiters these days in order to find the best talent.

Linked In

Professional networking websites have been in the reckoning since a long time. However, the launch of Linked In has impacted the recruitment industry all over the world. In fact, the aspect of establishing professional networks between a candidate working in a remote location of the world and a professional placed in another location in contrast has proved to be a blessing in disguise. Seeking reference, finding recommendations, and connecting with professionals are some of the few things you could do on Linked In.

Job Sites

The boring job ads are a thing of past with the job websites having undergone a lot of changes in recent years. Firstly, the search options have been made available bountiful with candidates now able to look for best opportunities based upon Designation, Skills, Experience and Location. Secondly, the domains in which candidates look for jobs too have been pruned up a lot such as Medical, Finance, Marketing, Sales and more. All these changes have made life easy for job prospects in finding their dream job.


Finding a job is being made easy by each passing day. Earlier, the destination for job searches as per candidates used to be Naukri, Monster or Times Jobs. However, the increasing demand for more skilled candidates along with the advancements in recent technology have made available classified websites such as Quikr and OLX to allocate a dedicated section for jobs.
In fact, these have become equally popular as that of conventional job websites. A lot of changes are yet to be brought in reflecting the growing demands of the industry.

Professional Contacts

You may not be that tech savvy or technologically updated. However, you can still land a job of your choice with professional networking. Perhaps, a casual talk with one of your friends at college or tuition center might help you in securing a lucrative opportunity for sure. A majority of the people working in top companies of India such as Infosys, TCS, Wipro and Cognizant have been recruited the same way. Companies too find this as the most secure process as they are more trustworthy than regular means of recruiting.

Campus Recruitment

Graduating students would hardly get any toast of what campus recruitment means. However, the availability of social media posts either in Facebook or Twitter has brought them closer to the recruiters on campus. The use of digital technology in finding out the current requirements of the hiring industry has helped a lot in recent times. More specifically, the tips to be followed in getting successful during campus recruitment drives help candidates as well as employers save a lot of time.

Mobile Applications

Your dream job is just a click away is an adage that belongs to the past now. The new one is – your dream job is just a tap away. Perhaps, you might interpret it as a swipe away or a press away. User friendly applications are now available; be it on Android or iOS. Job aspirants find it a lot easy because of the ease of access. Also, the job searches could be launched whenever needed without taking much time. The notifications generated instantly will help candidates to respond immediately to the corresponding interviewers.

Job Fairs

An increasing trend observed in recent times is the organization of job fairs by reputed organizations. It will help them in recruiting candidates in large numbers at the same time. Also, a major purpose served is that the organization’s presence, services and products dealt and their clientele could be easily divulged to the desired channels. By making use of the advanced digital technology, it is possible to find the right jobs for the deserving candidates through such job fairs without much ado.

The Future Ahead

The HR industry started observing the latest trends in the digital space long before it has been absorbed for standard recruitment practices. All those trends and updates that seemed to be impossible have become common these days. Recruiters rely upon digital assets whether it is for Temporary Hiring or for Permanent Staffing. Also, it is a common sight for recruiters to refer to the social media profiles of the candidates before hiring them. Meanwhile, it is challenging for candidates to maintain their image clean by distinguishing between their personal and professional lives.

All these features and updates have not only made the time of recruiting candidates less but also improved the quality of hiring as well. At a time when digital technology was felt like taboo, there are very few industries known to embrace it already of which the Recruitment, Staffing and Human Resources is one of them. Instead of following age old practices, more and more organizations are coming out of their shells to embrace automation tools along with the application of design thinking and digital learning.

Digital marketing has evolved as a separate industry favoring the recruitment methodology followed by the companies. From a different perspective, the digital evolution has metamorphosed companies in improving the skills of their candidates besides looking for best alternatives in case there is an urgent vacancy.

Additional benefits of giving a digital edge to the current recruitment practices are diverse in nature. For instance, the hirers could assess thousands of profiles of candidates in a comparatively shorter span of time. In the case of bulk hiring, the use of digital technology proves to be more handy than in any other situation. Considering the fact that the recruitment industry has evolved into an industry worth hundreds of billion, the impact of digital technology is set to only increase by each passing year.

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