Seamless communication between the systems to provide rapid access to the Backend database is executed by Middle Ware. It plays a great role in securing access to back-end resources.
Here are some of the widely used types of Middleware:

The development of strong and highly scalable applications at enterprise level is facilitated by Enterprise Java Beans. It is a Server-side, Platform independent Java API that allows the enterprises to administer changes at the server instead of updating each single client computer when a new program component is added or changed. EJB components can be reused in many applications.
The mechanism that allows objects on different JVMs to interact/invoke one another in a distributed network is provided by Remote Method Invocation. It provides remote communication between the java programs using stub and skeleton. RMI application is composed of a server program and a client program.
Wildely, formerly known as Java Beans Open Source Software, is a division of Red hat, that is used for implementing Java and Web-based applications and software. JBoss is a development of J2EE and depends on EJB specifications for functionality. JBoss supports multiple Operating Systems.
The execution of Java Servlets and JSP for promoting an effective Java Server Environment is enabled by Tomcat. It is an Open source application server that is widely used by Software Professionals for various tasks. Tomcat is developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It is available in two versions: Binary and Source. Apache Tomcat is known as a product that offers runtime shell for Java Servlets.
Software programs pursue a set of codes to communicate with each other, with the help of an Application Program Interface. APIs provide the developers with methods to write programs that request services from an OS or applications. APIs are used for programming GUI components and makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks, which are later put together by the Programmer.
Portable and scalable applications that can associate with technologies easily are built with GlassFish. It is an is an Open-source application server for the Java EE platform that supports JSP, EJB, RMI, JPA, JMS, and servlets. GlassFish was developed by Sun Microsystems and now supported by the Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Glassfish server furnishes a lightweight, versatile Java EE 6 application server.
The creation and formal exchange of messages between systems is executed by Java Message Service. It provides a reliable, robust, asynchronous and loosely coupled communication between software application components based on J2EE. The JMS API can be deployed in any JMS Provider software and runs only on Java based applications.

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