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Active Directory makes the data available to network users and administrators by providing the methods for storing data. It stores information about user names, passwords, phone numbers, etc., and enables other authorized users to access this information. It also stores information about the objects on the network and makes it easy for the administrators and users to find and use this information.


Web Application Firewall is a control system used to protect Web applications from malicious intrusions. A WAF can be network based or cloud based and can be customized using predefined rules to accept/reject HTTP requests. It can also prevent XSS, SQL injection attacks and buffer overflows.


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the widely used protocol over the internet, which is a standard for transferring files on the World Wide Web. To acquire information from the web, the user indirectly makes use of HTTP that runs over the TCP/IP, where the user’s browser is the client and it communicates with the web server.


Amazon Web Services enables users to have at their allocation, a virtual cluster of computers through internet, available all the time. AWS system also virtualizes its console I/O allowing AWS subscribers to connect to their AWS system using a modern browser.

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