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Wide Area Network (WAN) comprises of numerous Local Area Networks (LAN) to connect many different locations together. WAN services include monitoring, maintenance, reporting, planning, dispatch and testing. A managed WAN service allows all branches of business to have common infrastructure, in order to create similar work environments and efficient communications.

❖ Network Modelling

A Network model is a database Model developed as an adaptable way to project objects and their relationships. A Network model can manage more relationship types and has easy access to Data. It maintains connection between the parent and child segments.

❖ Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is a system that detects slow or failing network elements, such as crashed servers, failing routers, failed switches or other issues. In case of network failure, the network monitoring system alerts the Network Administrator. To find whether a web server is connected to worldwide networks, network monitoring services are widely used.

❖ Router

A Router is a device that passes information between packet switched computer networks, analyzing the contents of data packets transmitted within a network to another network. They regulate the networks by enclosing the data packet, as it moves from one network to another to reach its final destination.

❖ Switch

A Switch is a device that serves as a controller and receives data packets and redirects them to their destination on a LAN. This information is used to determine which output port must be used to send data to is fixed destination. They control the traffic of a LAN and enables network devices to communicate with each other without any collisions.

❖ Jacks

A Jack is similar to a port or other connection that allows a plug to connect to it. A jack is always plugged in with something for a connection to transmit signals. It has two – four contact points.

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