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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) server is typically a standard server that enables hosting and delivery of VPN services. It provides secure/private connection and services to remote/local users and branch offices to access applications and resources.


Domain Name System is a service where domain names are translated into IP addresses. As the Domain names are alphabetic, DNS service maps them to the IP addresses for the computer to locate a website. It stores a list of mail servers that accept email for an Internet domain.


A Virtual Private Network is a network that securely connects remote/local users to a company’s internal network. It is built using the internet for a safe and secure data transmission between the user and the company network.


The Network Files System is an application that enables the computer user to store and retrieve data on a remote computer from multiple disks from their own computer. It is one of the many distributed file system standards for NAS. It works on all IP based networks and uses TCP and UDP for accessing data and delivery.


Simple Network Management Protocol is a suite of protocols for managing and monitoring networks. It sends Protocol Data Units to other parts of a network and is supported by devices like routers, switches, severs, printers and many other network components. Agents, which are in line with the SNMP, stores information to the manager, which is an administrative computer, and organizes them into due order.

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