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IP Telephony is the common term used for the IP-based networks that build, provide and access voice, data and other forms of telephonic communications and to replace the telecommunications’ infrastructure of Circuit Switched Public Data Networks. It provides communication over an IP based network, or Internet Service Provider or directly form a telecommunications Service provider.


Time Division Multiplexing is the process of dividing signals into many segments by transmitting data streams over a common channel. These signals are divided into equal time slots having very short duration. After multiplexing, they are reassembled at the receiving end, into their original form. TDM is flexible and can send many signals in a single long distance line with proper performance by adjusting time intervals and making best use of the available bandwidth.


IP Telephony uses Internet Protocols to communicate over the internet. IPT lowers the operational costs and increases productivity. It provides a consistent, reliable and highly secure communicational service to the users.

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