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Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) must be implemented in the network and servers so as to prevent harmful traffic from entering into the trusted areas of network and systems. Due to terrible Internet attacks, the trade functioning may be deeply affected. To prevent this, IDS and IPS provide Over-all protection for networks and servers from any internal and external sources’ unauthorized intrusions.


Security Incident/Information and Event Management offers complete security solutions such as identifying, monitoring, recording and analyzing security events or incidents in order to manage multiple security applications and devices and to involuntarily impulse to rectify security incidents.

❖ Cyber Security

Cyber Security implies to a set of techniques used for safeguarding the networks, programs and data, from attack/unauthorized access. It has multiple layers of protection spread across the computers/network programs to keep them safe. Cyber Security prevents cyber attacks such as accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information or interrupting normal business processes.


TCP/IP is a combination of two protocols: Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. It is the language a computer uses to access the Internet which comprises of a suite of protocols to provide a host with internet access. TCP/IP is accountable for data connectivity, data transmission, addressing, mapping and acknowledgment.


Access Control System is a Security System that administers the entries to a system and identifies the existence of things/individuals that have access to that controlled devices depending on the validity of their credentials. ACS is implemented in Data Centers to take input of provided credentials and authenticate entitlements using ACL and grant/deny access based on the observations.

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