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Mainframes are the computers that are huge in size and possess large storage capacity. They are known for processing power and high reliability. They are used in Large scale Organizations that require high volumes of data processing, for mission critical applications. Mainframe Management refers to the processes and tools used to administer the Mainframe computers.


Customer Information Control System provides services for running an application online with data integrity to provide high volume online transaction processing rapidly. CICS is especially designed for banks and financial institutions.


Common Business Oriented Language is the second oldest and widely used programming language in the world, that is renowned for business applications that are run on large computers. Its major objectives are Portability and Readability which makes it easier for ordinary business users to understand the script.


Job Control Language is a scripting language that consists of control statements and allocates specific jobs for the operating system. A Job is a unit of work that consists of various small steps for running a specific program.

❖ MQ

A Message Queue is the process that allows various parts of a system to send messages like small requests, error messages or any kind of information and process functions in metachronous manner. These messages are usually sent in queue until the recipient from the other end retrieves them.

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