Front End development enables the creation of user experiences for a website. It plays a vital role in defining the success of the business by enhancing the web performance. A well-designed Interface optimizes the performance by retaining visitors to the website.
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It is a markup language used to create documents and display Web pages on the World Wide Web. HTML is used to compose Web Pages which can display text, images, and other resources. It defines the structure and layout of a Web document by using a wide range of tags and attributes.
Developers and users get more control over the display of Web pages with the help of Cascading Style Sheet. It describes the formatting of markup language pages. It allows developers to separate content and visual elements such as header and links for control and flexibility of the page.
The faster and easier development of web pages is supported by Bootstrap. It is an Open-Source JavaScript library that is compatible with all the new era web browsers. It enables the creation of responsive designs and bounds to front end development only. Bootstrap adds color, font, size, and layout to the web projects so that web developers can find one of their choices.
For building Interactive web applications, a set of web development techniques are implemented. Asynchronous JavaScript deploys XML, HTML, CSS, and JS to process user requests immediately. Most of the popular Social Media sites use this Technology as it allows the content on the Webpages to update immediately when an instruction is given. It is termed as a “developer’s dream” as it can perform all these actions efficiently.
It is a Java Script Library used by the Web developers to simplify event handling, navigate HTML documents, Ajax interactions for quick website development. It provides a consistent interface with cross browser compatibility. New elements and methods can be reused as a plugin by adding them to it.
The mostly used Scripting Language on the client side is notably the JavaScript. The Java Script code is embedded into an HTML page and enhances those HTML pages. It is an interpreted Language which is the reason why it is the most widely used language in the world.
Object Oriented Java Script is an Object-Oriented Programming Language that works with objects. It uses object-oriented layout and programming techniques in programs and applications which run on JavaScript. OOJS is prototype based and does not utilize/support class statements from which new objects are derived.
Angular JS
It is a front-end web framework for variable web applications. It extends HTML’s syntax by using HTML as the template language to express components of applications clearly. It makes development and testing of applications easier by providing MVC and MVM architectures. It is open source and supports all major browsers.
ECMA Script
ECMA Script is the acronym for “European Computer Manufacturers’ Association Script”. It is object oriented and used for Client-side scripting. Objects of any domain can be added to it. It can be used for any scripted application and majorly being used for compiling server applications services using Node.js. It supports fast compilation and is compatible with browser and Non-browser environments.
Addition of optional types to Java Script is facilitated by Type Script, to support tools for Large-scale Java Script applications for any browser, host or any OS. Typescript can develop JS applications for both client side and server-side execution. Java Script is the Parent element of Type Script, so all the existing JavaScript programs are also TypeScript programs.

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