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Development and Operations (DevOps) is used to cite roles/procedures that connect various departments, exclusively, Development and Operations teams to deliver services at high velocity. It acts as a link between Development, quality assurance and other departments.

❖ Puppet

Puppet is a configuration management tool that automates the delivery and management of hybrid infrastructure. The system administrators administer the reliability across the infrastructure using Puppet. It is composed in Ruby, a programming language that is easy to read and write.

❖ Chef

Chef is a configuration management tool that has similarities with Puppet. Chef gives a way to define infrastructure as code. IAC refers to managing infrastructure by writing code. Chef is also composed in Ruby, for writing system configurations.

❖ Ansible

Ansible is an engine that automates Cloud Provisioning, Configuration Management, Application Deployment, and many other IT needs. It is composed in YAML and uses no agents, which makes it easy to deploy. Ansible works by connecting to nodes and pushing out Ansible modules to them.

❖ Build & Release

Build and release is the process of managing, documenting and enhancing an organization’s software products and applications. A Build and Release engineer is responsible for releasing software of organizations on time. They are responsible for the development and execution of programming scripts used while creating software.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment is the process of continuous testing of code, integrated and shared by the developers across the repository. CI uses a centralized server which continuously monitors and pulls in the changes done in the source code. CD is the process where the product deployment can be done at any stage after passing the automated tests.

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