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Datacenters have become key parameter when it comes to IT Infrastructure necessities. Datacenter Services involve software, hardware and liveware, which includes creating, executing, enhancing and maintaining a Datacenter for an enterprise. Datacenters can be categorized into Enterprise Datacenters, Managed Service Provider, Colocation and Wholesale Data centers. Datacenter services comprise of In-house Facilities, Colocation Facilities, Dedicated Hosting, Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting. It requires continuous, efficient technical support.


CISCO Unified Computing System comprises of computing, virtualization, switching and networking, and data center management software under one roof. CUCS integrates computing, input/output, data communication and the management layer to provide an enterprise-level data center virtualization within a single platform.


Data Center Networking enables the relationship between the physical and network-based devices and equipment within a Data Center Facility, such that, they can communicate and transfer data between each other on an external network. It creates a network infrastructure that is stable, secure and reliable.


The Data Center Service Provider provides power and basic operational environment to the data center facility. The Service provider can allocate several data center resources for each data center hosting client or use a shared infrastructure.

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