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Application Packaging is the significant task IT departments usually have. Application Packaging is done to maintain stable and secure digital workplaces for the users. For a consistent functioning of applications, they must be configured properly and patched securely on all platforms.

❖ File System

A File System manages data on a storage disk (Hard Disk Drive). Almost every disk contains a file system and the data information. A File System manages store management, file naming, meta data and other operations. FAT 32, NTFS and HFS are commonly used file systems.


Access Control List is the set of permissions that state the access granted to users to an attached object and the functions it can perform. An ACL is a tabular structure that notifies the ‘user access rights to a system object’, to a computer operating system.


Micro Soft Installer is an installer package file format used by windows which later changed its name to Windows Installer. MSI files contain information about the features and components of an application. They are used for installation, storage and removal of programs. They are executed by an EXE file which is a part of Windows.

❖ Registry

The Registry is one place to keep information about the hardware attached, what system options have been opted and how memory of the computer is setup. A registry will be notified when an application is installed/uninstalled.

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