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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a type of software and hardware that allows people to send voice data in packets, or datagrams by using internet as the medium, instead of telephone calls. It allows oneself to communicate with anyone who has a regular phone number. Voice Over Wireless Fidelity (VOWiFi) is a system that allows people to talk to each other despite being made by different manufacturers. It works on Smart phones and Laptops.


Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol based on text, which is used for administering multimedia sessions between two endpoints on IP Networks. Where, a session is considered as transmission of data and it can support conferences between more than two participants.


Transmission Control Protocol is a network communication protocol that sends data packets and maintains network conversation to find the application programs that can exchange data. TCP is one of the most used protocols and is part of IP suite, and works in collaboration with IP. It cracks data into smaller packets and ensures data integrity.


User Datagram Protocol is a data networking protocol used on a network by programs running on different computers. It is used to send real time data bits in the form of datagrams, from one place to another. UDP skips handshaking unlike TCP and is completely focused on data transmission. It is faster than TCP.


Network Address Translation manages numerous requests from clients over one IP address required by Public networks. It enables a LAN to use one set of IP address for internal traffic and other set of addresses for external traffic. NAT works as the right solution for heavy network volume traffic.

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